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Ivanka Trump TJ Maxx

Another Store Is Distancing Itself From Ivanka Trump's Line

The Debrief: Ivanka Trump’s clothing line isn’t having a great week.

Ivanka Trump’s clothing line isn’t having a great week. Nordstrom made a strategic decision to drop the brand after it experienced a steady decline in sales,  and now TJ Maxx (the sister company of the English store, TK Maxx) are pulling away from promotion of Ivanka’s brand. 

The company, owned by TKX Companies is said to have demanded employees ‘throw out her advertisements, take down displays and stop presenting her brand’s merchandise separately.' A leaked note obtained by the New York Times, read: ‘Effective immediately, please remove all Ivanka Trump merchandise from features and mix into [other products on the racks].’ The company is not currently pulling stock from the shop floor, but in removing all special displays for the brand a strong message is being sent out to their customers – that they don’t want to be affiliated with Trump, or his daughter’s line. 

A spokesperson for TJX Companies, Doreen Thompson, is said to have downplayed the decision to pull the President’s daughters brand, stating that they ‘offer a merchandise mix that gives our customers a choice in what they may want to purchase.’ Yet can we put this down to just a ‘floor move,’ or is it another attempt to boycott anything associated with Trump?

Donald Trump clearly doesn’t think so after making it clear on Twitter he was outraged at Nordstrom’s choice to pull the brand – this came after campaigns like #GrabYourWallet, an attempt to stop shoppers purchasing from Trump, his family or donors.  

TJ Maxx and Nordstrom aren’t the only American brands pulling away, Marshalls and Neiman Marcus are said to have dropped the brand too, choosing to feature her products less within their department stores. Ivanka’s line must be experiencing rapid sale drops after the election – so TJ Maxx making a savvy business decision to protect their brand, regardless of it being about Trump or not may be a smart one, made on the basis of sales – with the added bonus of boycotting Trump.  

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