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It’s 100 Days Since Zayn Malik Left 1D And What Have You Done With Your Life?

It’s 100 Days Since Zayn Malik Left 1D And What Have You Done With Your Life?

The Debrief: While Directioners the world over pay tribute to their departed heart-throb we wonder how on earth time goes so quickly…

Zayn Malik left One Direction exactly 100 days ago. That’s about three months and a week and a bit ago. One Direction’s legions of fans have been commemorating the day with an assortment of heart-wrenching memes:


And the, uh, pretty bizarre:


While we’re pretty hopeful that most Directioners won’t have school-going children within the next 10 years, we do wonder how those past three months have slipped away so fast.

Well, according to a 2010 post on Psychology Today (wow, was it in 2010? It felt like just last week! etc etc), time seems to slow down as you grow up because you become more boring.

When you’re younger, you have all these different first-time experiences that create  precisely defined moments to bulk out your memories, making the time you’ve lived in so abundant with stuff.

When you’re older, however, you end up doing the same drab old thing day after day until all the days merge into one another and, well, maybe that’s why Zayn left anyway. And that day merge thing affects us, too, as that’s it, three months since Zayn’s left One Direction and we don’t know what to show for it.

The solution to this is to make time stretch out as much as possible by getting involved in as many new and unique experiences as you can, living more in the present and not dwelling in the past. So instead of thinking about what could have been, it’s better, now, to accept that Zayn’s moved and that One Direction are also thriving in his absence. As this Directioner one put it:


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