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It's Zayn Malik's Birthday And His Fans Are Giving Loads To Charity

The Debrief: Good old Directioners.

Zayn Malik, of One Direction fame (in case you've been living in a cave) turns 22 today, and Directioners have come out in force to donate to his favourite charity - raising over $10,000. Because the Directioners are nothing if not incredibly dedicated to the cause. 

Zayn is the ambassador for the British Asian Trust, so One Direction fan Amy set up a JustGiving page - which has now past the $11k mark - in an attempt to honour this momentous day. 'We decided we would raise money for the trust in honor of Zayn's 22nd birthday,' the JustGiving page reads. 'We are also selling t-shirts and gear with the proceeds going to this charity drive.' 

To the hysterical delight of Directioners, Zayn has tweeted his thanks (which boosted the donations by about $1000 in roughly 2.4 nanoseconds) 

As their target of $10k was achieved on the 8th of January, a further challenge was announced to help maximise the donations: an update on the site refers to Loose Change For Zayn: 'From now until Zayn’s birthday on January 12th on the 12th of each month, we will count up all the donations that have “Loose Change for Zayn” somewhere in the name or comment and match up to $100 EACH MONTH!' 

And so the power of those who are in One Direction continues. World peace is pretty much in our grasp, if only the boys can start being ambassadors for more charities. All the charities. Zayn for Prime Minister? Harry Styles for world ruler? 

Joking aside, this is pretty impressive - and the British Asian society must be fairly chuffed. Well done guys. 

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