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In Which We Attempt To Break Down What Happened With Hodor In Game Of Thrones

In Which We Attempt To Break Down What Happened With Hodor In Game Of Thrones

The Debrief: WHAT IS GOING ON? (Also: SPOILERS abound!)

If you hadn’t noticed, a lot went down this week on Game of Thrones. Like, a lot a lot. So much so that people are losing their shit over it, memes have been made, people have cried (probably) and the internet has gone into GoT overdrive. If, like us, you’re sat there wondering what the HELL went on with your beloved Hordor, this is where we break it down. If you haven’t watched it, shield those peepers because there are 1001 spoilers. 

Who even is Hodor? 

Season six, episode five was emotional to say the least. A co-worker found it so emotional they had to email me while on holiday to tell me how heartbreaking the whole thing was and could I write a story on it. I was yet to watch it, thanks for the spoiler. Back to the episode – Hodor’s character has been somewhat a mystery for the past six seasons. We knew nothing about him other than he could only say ‘hodor’ and was a friendly giant (kind of). Played by Kristian Nairn, he was a servant of House Stark of Winterfell. He worked in the stables until Winterfell was attacked by Theon Greyjoy. Osha, Hodor, Bran and Rickon escape Winterfell, with Hodor carrying Bran. We don’t learn much else about Hodor, that was until this epic episode anyway. 

How does Bran take over Hodor's mind?  

We already know that Bran has the ability to travel back into the past with his Greenseer powers, and we’ve seen him take over both Summer the direwolf's mind, and Hodor’s mind in season four with his 'warg' powers. Remember when they were captured by Roose Bolton’s guy, Locke? Bran took over Hodor’s mind and killed Locke so they could escape. So when the White Walkers attacked in season six, episode five – you can guess what he does. As he was already using his powers to observe the past, he’s essentially watching the past while control Hodor’s body in the present…confused? We bloody are.

Why can he only say 'Hodor?' 

It was revealed in this episode the reason behind his limited vocabulary, and it has a lil something to do with Bran Stark. As mentioned before, when the White Walkers attack Bran and co in episode five, Bran is already using his powers to observe the past. So when they attack, he has to control Hodor's body, and the past and present Hodor connect. Past Hodor hears Meera Reed shouting 'hold the door,’ to Hodor in the present (to stop the White Walkers coming in) – which translates as ‘Hodor’ to present Hodor. Ae you following? So essentially past Hodor and present Hodor connect in some kind of psychic link and his mind is...well, ruined. If we were to count the amount of times we’ve said ‘Hodor’ in this article, that list would be loooong. So basically, Bran's powers are the reason why Hodor can’t say anything else other than his now name.  

So what do Bran's time-travelling powers mean? 

The most mind blowing thing about this whole horrific ordeal is that we now know Bran can control the past with his powers. Errrrrrm, Ned Stark? Bring him back! Stop the entire war? Yeh, go do that. Stop yourself from climbing up the tower to only be pushed by Jaime Lannister and break both your legs in the process? Sure, why not. He could be controlling the whole events of Game of Thrones thus far and we wouldn’t have a clue. How’s that for epic. We need to go take a moment, it’s all getting a bit too much. If you can't handle this episode, we do highly reccomend going out to get yourself a Hodor door stop though, for obvious reasons. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form a GoT expert, in fact this whole thing confused my head so much I got a headache. Apologise for any wrong facts, peace. 

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