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Here\'s That Zayn Malik Spat With Calvin Harris Over Taylor Swift, Debriefed

Here's That Zayn Malik Spat With Calvin Harris Over Taylor Swift, Debriefed

The Debrief: Maybe he was just annoyed he couldn't listen to Taylor when he got home after the club or something?

Another day, another story about Zayn Malik, who’s been very quick to shirk off his One Direction image of the cool, mysterious one, a process accelerated by a prolonge trip to LA. This time, he’s taken on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, just a day after his ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards performed with Little Mix on stage with Taylor.

If you don’t care about any of the above people, stop reading now, because this is about to get intricate. And epic.

Zayn had been out with rappers Method Man and Red Man in the evening, posting photos of him partying with them.

And when he got in, he was either a little riled up about news of Taylor inviting Little Mix on stage, putting her arm around Perrie and mouthing along to some words that could’ve been construed to be about him.

Or he was simply annoyed that he couldn’t listen to Taylor on Spotify (remember how she took her music off of the streaming service because they don’t pay the little people/her enough?) when he got back in after his night out. Who doesn’t like to dance around in their underwear to Taylor when they get in steaming drunk from a night out with two rappers?

Either way, Zayn retweeted a meme:

zayn malik calvin hrris taylor swift

It reads, in shortened form, that Taylor Swift seems to be very mean and penny-pinching about her approach to streaming, whereas Miley Cyrus, who’s launched a charity is happy with her lot. It's worth adding that Miley was born stonking rich.

FYI Miley Cyrus and Taylor used to be friends, back in the day that Taylor and Katy Perry were friends. They have definitely got some issues though, because when Miley uploaded to Instagram an image which faceswapped Taylor and Justin Bieber and came with the comment: ‘If you faceswap Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, they look like a cute lesbian couple’, tagging herself and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell, Taylor simply commented: ‘Sending you love.’ You know, in a killing-you-with-kindness way.

Aaaannnyway. Calvin Harris, who goes out with Taylor Swift, then spotted what Zayn had done and leapt to Taylor’s defence. Here’s what he tweeted:

calvin harris twitter

In shorthand: Taylor’s working hard, so why shouldn’t she get paid, and besides, her removing herself from streaming services shows how difficult it is for the little man (think Zac Efron in his new film, We Are Your Friends) just trying to make it in this big bad world of music.

Zayn then responded:

zayn malik twitter

In shorthand: You’re a der-brain, I wasn’t even talking about your girl (I’ve deleted that tweet anyway so did any of it even happen) also your teeth are fake and I write my own music that you haven’t heard a lot of yet but I do.

Zayn’s now deleted his tweets, save for the thing about him writing his ‘own shit’.

James McVey from The Vamps also jumped in to Taylor’s defence, saying a lot of things e.g.

Needless to say, for all the people Taylor’s brought on stage with her throughout her tour, Zayn’s probably not going to be one of them any time soon.

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