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Here’s How To Make All Your Fans Cry, Courtesy Of Ian Somerhalder

Here’s How To Make All Your Fans Cry, Courtesy Of Ian Somerhalder

The Debrief: We're really not sure how to feel about his request...

Remember Stan, the song by Eminem (and Dido... never forget Dido)? Of course you do, it’s why megafans call themselves stans these days (until, of course, a semi-official nickname taken from the celebrity’s name is made for their fans, like ‘Smilers’ or ‘Directioners’) We couldn't help but feel reminded of it when we saw this video of The Vampire Diaries and Smallville star Ian Somerhalder telling his fans to kindly leave him and his wife – Twilight’s Nikki Reed – alone.

Leaving a Parisian hotel to a flurry of grinning teenagers with their cameras out, Ian said, gesticulating a lot and grabbing his left man-boob: ‘Hey guys listen, no no, stop. Everybody listen, I love you guys, I’m not taking a single photo today. It’s my day. Don’t follow us please, I love you guys you’re so good to us, you’re so awesome.’

At this point, loads of girls cried, and there was a video of it but it’s since been removed :/

It’s a tricky one, because as much as Ian wants to walk around Paris with his wife without teenagers scurrying around to take photos of him, he really wouldn’t be where he is today without his fans. Perhaps, if he wanted to be a bit more incognito, he could work on not staying in such a fancy hotel in the centre of the city. But then again, such is his right!

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