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Here\\\\\\\'s How Katy Perry Made All That Money

Here's How Katy Perry Made All That Money

The Debrief: She's topped Taylor Swift as the highest earning woman in music, but how did she do it?

If you were to ask who the most prolific, well-known pop star in the past year was, the answer from anyone – apart from your grandparents, who have a lingering thing for Duffy or somesuch – would be Taylor Swift.

It’s got to a point where you can barely leave the house without a notice posted to your door, drafting you to join Taylor’s ‘epic squad’. OK, well, not quite, but it wouldn’t be that surprising if it did happen, all the warning signs are there.

But, being well-known doesn’t necessarily make you loads of money, as Katy Perry, who, for all of her fame, hasn’t been quite as overexposed as Taylor Swift, has earned more than her supposed nemesis.

Yep, Katy has topped the Women in Music section of the Forbes list after earning a whopping $135 million last year. That’s £89.1 million! Meanwhile, Taylor, who has gone to great lengths to ensure that people can’t stream her music for free – she’s not even on Spotify! – only made $80 million (£52 million). It’s still nothing to turn your nose up at, that’s £1 million a week.

So how did Katy make all that money? First off, her Prismatic World tour raked in $2 million per show. And she did 126 dates. That’s a lot of singing and yodelling and wearing of elaborate costumes, isn’t it?

Some of the money grossed from the shows goes to other people but then she’s also got advertising deals with Claire’s, Coty and Covergirl. No word on whether she’ll ally with Coca Cola or COS or any other brand beginning with a C.

Either way, with that much money in the bank, she probably doesn’t need to.

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