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Who Is Skai Jackson, The Girl Who Took On Azealia Banks And Won

Everything You Need To Know About Skai Jackson - The Girl Who Took On Azealia Banks And Won

The Debrief: Don't know who Skai Jackson is yet? Sit, let us educate you

The name on everyone’s lips at the moment is Skai Jackson. At only 14, the Disney star of the hit shows Jessie and Bunk'd sparked controversy when she passed comment on Azealia Banks' racist and homophobic Twitter rambles. Skai, who began her career a teeny tiny – oh my god so cute I could cry – child actor, went on to become the face of a hilarious meme that admittedly I’ve used on several occasions. Up until recently, Skai looked fairly innocent, but I’ve since realised she’s all bite! So, here’s everything you need to know about her.


Who is Skai Jackson and how did she become famous?

Skai Jackson sky rocketed to fame via the TV series Jessie and then went onto its sister series, Bunk’d where she plays Zuri Ross. Though of course, for those who don’t indulge in Disney fan culture from time to time, Skai is the witty teen who buried Azealia banks on the net. And also face of the world’s greatest meme. 



How old is Skai Jackson?

14, Just to clarify, a 14-year-old obliterated Azealia Banks on the internet... 14 years old.

Where is Skai Jackson from?

The teen star was born and raised in the big apple, New Yooooooork... concrete jungle where dreams are made of!



What happened with Skai Jackson and Azealia Banks?

Well, let's break it down. It all kicked off following Azealia’s rant at former One Directioner, Zayn Malik. Skai innocently tweeted ‘Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little’ to which the rapper replied, ‘and you need to grow some hips and start ur menses. stay in a child's place’. 

In what may have been the funniest Twitter feud in history (this of course exclude the famous Twitter-off between Rihanna and Teyana Taylor) Skai Jackson replied shutting Azealia down.

What is the Skai Jackson meme?

I can only assume you’ve been buried under a rock for months if you missed the greatest meme to grace the internet since Kermit sipping his tea. The hilarious meme circulated the net for weeks until Skai, badass as she is, owned it and popped this photo on her ‘gram.


I'm dead □□□□□ #skaisthelimit

A photo posted by Skai ♛ (@skaijackson) on Apr 12, 2016 at 6:33pm PDT



Does Skai Jackson have siblings?

Yes, Skai has sister and a brother.

 Now, after reading this I'm certain you'll feel the same as Tracy Clayton

Or perhaps you'll have the same reaction as Janet Mock:

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