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Here’s Everything Drake’s Planning To Have In His 6.7 Million Dollar Mansion

Here’s Everything Drake’s Planning To Have In His 6.7 Million Dollar Mansion

The Debrief: MTV Cribs would have their work cut out

It’s a pretty exciting time to be Drake right now. Since releasing his latest album Views, he’s been named the most streamed artist on Spotify, knocking fellow Canadian music man Justin Bieber off the top spot. Very exciting. 

What’s probably putting a dampener on Drizzy’s excitement though, is that the city of Toronto have a few issues with the $6.7million mansion he’s trying to build in the famous Bridle Path area. What a bummer.

The Globe and Mail reported that a couple of plans for the house violate the city bylaws, and it looks like size is the main issue here. The proposed two-story mansion is 17 metres (fun fact: thats about 6 elephants tall), but unfortunately for Drake, it exceeds the maximum height for houses in the area which is an average 11 metres.

Aubrey (Drakes real name FYI) also wants a 34 metre wide drive way. Yes, a driveway twice the width of the height of his house. That’s a lot of maths right there, but I’m pretty sure that’s enough to fit about 14 cars. So he basically wants a high street car park outside his house. 

According to the plans, if it all does go ahead, there's loads of super casual, everyday stuff he's planning to include. Here's a list of it all....


A basketball court (with a snack lounge above)

Because who eats their snacks on the ground these days?

A dedicated ‘awards’ room 

Winning way too many to fit on the a mantle piece


Basement pool

That doesn’t sound creepy at all…

‘Spa and tub retreat’ accompanied by a massage room and two saunas

So you've got a back up for when the other sauna is being serviced and you just really need to chill TF out


Hot tub and (another) pool in front of a giant TV projection screen

So you can do doggy paddle and watch Game of Thrones at the same time

A few rooms ’important artifacts’ 

I just about manage to keep track of my phone, and that’s the most important artifact I own.


A ‘jersey museum’ 

Ermm. Like, a wardrobe?

A bar with two separate rooms for ‘chilled champagne’ and ‘chilled wine’

Life. Goals.



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