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Have Beyonce\\\'s Twin Beybies Arrived?

Have Beyonce's Twin Beybies Arrived?

The Debrief: Uh oh! Did Bey’s dad just confirm the arrival of the twins? We think so. Looks like the duo’s PR team will be having a serious talk with Mathew…

After a week rife with rumours and full of speculation, it looks to be official folks, Beyonce and Jay Z’s family just grew by two. All week fans have been carrying out extensive detective work regarding the status of the power couple’s babies and the arrival of the twins is now official. 

And by 'official' we mean confirmed by Beyonce's dad. Mathew Knowles, the father to Beyonce, was the first source close to the couple to confirm the news, sharing a celebratory post that was published on both Twitter and Instagram yesterday. The post contained an image of a happy birthday note addressed to the twins, with the caption 'they’re here' followed by the hashtags #beyonce, #twins, #jayz, and #happybirthday.

However, Beyonce's mum, Tina, was giving the world a rather different message. On Instagram she posted a video of herself with the cryptic caption: 'In New York for my friends son's wedding. God lets things happen in his time not ours! Don't try to rush him!' 


In New York for my friends son's wedding ! ❤️❤️God lets things happen in his time not ours! Dont try to rush him!

A post shared by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on Jun 17, 2017 at 9:35pm PDT 

There's a stark contrast between Matthew and Tina's approaches to social media over the last few days. So, has the dad of Beyonce had a mishap?Did he get caught up in his excitement and share the news with all of his followers just like any proud parent and grandparent would?

Or, is it possible that Beyonce hadn't actually had the babies when Matthew took to Twitter? After all, why was her mum at a party and not with her and the new arrivals?

The duo’s pregnancy was announced back in February via an Instagram post on Beyonce’s account that immediately went viral and quickly became the site's most liked post. Since then fans excitement has grown massively over the last few months and gossip regarding the arrival of the twins has been growing in the past week. 

Speculation around the birth was heightened on Sunday when a woman was photographed carrying balloons and a flower arrangement, attached to which was a note that read 'B + J', into the hospital in which Beyonce was rumoured to be staying in. This not only added to the excitement around the birth itself but also to the gender of the babies as one of the balloons were pink, and the other blue, traditional signifiers of gender especially for newborns, suggesting that the Bey had given birth to a baby girl and the couple’s first boy. 

So although the big news may have slipped out of the Beyhive it seems like the twins have definitely arrived. Congratulations Beyonce and Jay-Z, we can’t wait to hear their names and see pictures but don’t wait too long or someone might let slip, again.  

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