Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Friday, 19 June 2015

Harry Styles Wants You To Notice His One-Fingered Nail Polish

Harry Styles Wants You To Notice His One-Fingered Nail Polish

The Debrief: Fans say it’s for domestic violence awareness…

Harry Styles has been spotted sporting a bright slick of red nail polish on the first finger of his left hand. Take a look:

But why the red, and why just one finger? Could it be his bohemian side coming out via the medium of fingernails? Could it be because he was biting and tearing off his nails and went a bit too low and, oh fuck, all of that red is blood? Is it because he stopped in the middle of painting all of his nails because he was just so busy having sex with oodles of beautiful women?

Well, fans say he’s doing it to draw awareness to domestic violence.

Safe Horizon, a New York-based charity dedicated to ending domestic violence, started the #PutANailInIt campaign to get people to draw awareness to domestic violence, and celebrities such as Alan Cumming and Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev (herself a survivor of domestic violence) are getting behind it, too. Here’s their PSA:

As you’ll notice, the campaign calls for people to paint the third finger of your left hand (your ring finger, as some call it) purple. So Harry isn’t necessarily supporting anti-domestic abuse after all. The exciting bit is, he is such a massive star, with so many earnest young fans who’ll do so much research about his motivations for every single thing he does (imagine being that person who’s tallied up all his tattoos and has been able to give each one a meaning) that, actually, inadvertently, he’s still drawn attention to a great cause.

As for what the nail polish is for? That remains a mystery...

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