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Harry Styles New Cropped Hair Do: THE BIG REVEAL

Harry Styles New Cropped Hair Do: THE BIG REVEAL

The Debrief: Yeah so all the rumours are true, Harry's hair.. it's gone

It’s here, the big reveal, IT’S HERE!

One Directioners can now rest easy as Harry Styles reveals his undercover-superhero-bad-boy-esque haircut. Harry may have lost his locks but (I personally think) he looks like Captain America when he goes ‘undercover’, and well frankly looks pretty hot.

For those of you mourning the loss of Harry’s Hair, Megan has created this lengthy, albeit creepy, thread of Harry’s hair journey. So if you’re against the big chop, mull on these because you’re not alone.

It turns out that his new do is actually for a new Hollywood film called Dunkirk, where this sneaky paparazzi photo was taken. Although it’s said that Harry will only play a small role, the upcoming film reportedly also stars Cillian Murphy and (babe) Tom Hardy, so I guess I’ll be watching.

For those of you intrigued to see his new mullet, here we have it! You’ve waited long enough folks so here it is….




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