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Harry Styles Holds A Flag, Larry Stylinson Shippers Rejoice

Harry Styles Holds A Flag, Larry Stylinson Shippers Rejoice

The Debrief: Little did the One Direction singer know what was printed on the back of it…

You know there’s a whole bunch of Directioners who fancy the pants off of the idea of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson being in love? Well, the Larry Stylinson ‘shippers are full of glee today as a couple of things happened at One Direction’s Gothenburg, Sweden gig that – to them, at least – suggest Larry are a real thing.

Harry picked up a fan’s massive Swedish flag (thrown to him, we're sure) so he could do a silly dance with it and drape it around his shoulders like a cape. Little did he know that the underside of the cape is a print of this tweet:


This is a Larry-legendary 2011 tweet that you can bet Louis is still too scared to delete because that would fuel the fires of conspiracy, implying the apparently shady ‘Management’ (the biggest enemy of Larry shippers) have requested he do so.

Despite Louis and Harry’s womanising ways, the Larry shippers are so adamant that the pair are together that they think the whole relationship is deliberately kept under covers. That is, until Harry starts waving a great old flag around.

And the cameraman at the gig focuses on this!

Louis has always vehemently denied the Larry rumours e.g. tweeting fans saying ‘Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard’ but he also bloew up a balloon that Harry then put under his T-shirt, as if he was feigning pregnancy, and, well, let’s see how that escalated:

Yes, that is a cartoon of Louis and Harry holding a scan of a baby together.

Yes, that is a cartoon of all the big new Larry news that happened…overnight. Say what you like about Directioners and Larry shippers…they work pretty hard, the dedication is so there.

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