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Harry Styles Becomes Unlikely Face Of Foreskin

Harry Styles Becomes Unlikely Face Of Foreskin

The Debrief: ‘Penis activist’ has latched onto tabloid story of Taylor Swift and Harry’s split and really run with it…

There’s a Canadian guy called Glen Callender whose self-appointed mission it is to ensure that no-one in the world undergoes a forced circumcision. As this happens to the majority of boys born in North America and to Muslim and Jewish boys across the world – circumcision is part of their respective religions – Glen’s got a big job on his hands. That’s why he’s going for publicity, latching onto Harry Styles’s tackle so as to make a wider point about circumcision.

He explained to Noisey: ‘I think it’s important from a cultural point of view that we make it known and educate that Styles has an uncircumcised penis.

‘We have a lot of North American girls who are being conditioned from their respective cultures to say that foreskin is yucky and they don’t even understand that the young beautiful men they idolise have their penises intact.’

Glen’s worry is that oodles of young girls would have read a story about Taylor Swift and Harry’s break-up and take it to mean foreskins are revolting.

See, according to The National Enquirer, a tabloid known for ludicrous lies about celebrities that they really should sue over, Taylor didn’t break up with Harry because he was commitment phobic and into other girls, as we might have sussed. No, they broke up because Harry refused to get a circumcision.

Regardless of how true the story is, Glen says this contributes to an anti-foreskin sentiment among young women that, in turn, harms young men – and obviously there’s a middle man, in the form of the doctors who carry out circumcisions.

This is why he wants the world to know what he thinks Harry’s penis looks like. ‘I think it looks like a completely normal penis with foreskin and a nut suck attached. I’m also sure he’s doing very well with it and I don’t think women are turning him down when they discover he has his foreskin.’

And in order to tell the world this? As well as giving interviews, he’ll be protesting outside a Taylor Swift show in August. ‘I’d like to know the truth behind the rumour that she doesn’t like foreskin and my hope is that it will turn out that she’s really an enlightened 20th-century woman who has no problem with it at all,’ he says.

‘It would actually be amazing if she could actually make a statement that it is a completely healthy, normal and good thing for penises to be uncircumcised.’

Somehow, we don’t quite think foreskin is Taylor Swift’s lookout. But nice try, Glen.

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