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Harry Styles AND Prince Harry? Here’s What It’s Like To Date Both

Harry Styles AND Prince Harry? Here’s What It’s Like To Date Both

The Debrief: Caroline Flack’s scrapped autobiography has been leaked and it’s juicier than a watermelon…

Hooking up with both Harry Styles and Prince Harry is something many of us – most of us – can only dream of. Handsome, charming and sickeningly famous regardless of their fashion choices (we’d probably pick Styles’s man-bun over Wales’s bootcut jeans any day), they’re two of Britain’s most eligible bachelors.

Step in Caroline Flack, who has finally revealed what it was like dating both of them. Not at the same time, mind. The TV presenter laid it all out in her bizarrely-named autobiography, Storm In A C Cup, due out later this month.

In extracts published by The Sun, she has spoken about the difficulties of dating both Harries thanks to the media spotlight and, well, one massive class difference and another massive age difference (PS Harry Wales is super posh, Harry Styles was 17 to Flacko’s 31 when they dated).

Caroline said she was delighted to be introduced to Prince Harry on a night out organised by her friend, Formula 1 presenter Natalie Pinkham.

‘I knew she was friends with Prince Harry, and I'd never met him, so I thought, "Oh that's quite exciting", and for a moment I perked up.

'To meet a prince is so unlikely it would be weird not to acknowledge it’

Harry Styles AND Prince Harry? Here’s What It’s Like To Date Both

Her and Harry hit it off and started seeing each other, and there’s photos of them together, she says. But even though she ‘really liked him’, the relationship had to be called off: ‘Once the story got out, that was it. We had to stop seeing each other.

'I was no longer Caroline Flack, TV presenter, I was Caroline Flack, Prince Harry's bit of rough.'

As for Harry Styles? Well, that relationship was much more played out in the public, the pair having met on The Xtra Factor show she presented, and a flirty interview broadcast to millions.

‘It began to go wrong when Harry was pictured coming out of my house one morning.

'And once that was out, it was open season. After that anyone could say anything. In the street people started shouting at me "paedophile" and "pervert".

'There was a moment when we just thought, shit, this has gone really dark. So perhaps we did the wrong thing, who knows.'

So is it easier to hook up with actual royalty than with pop royalty? And is it still legit to be a bit jealous of Caroline for simply knowing the difference? We sure hope so.

Harry Styles AND Prince Harry? Here’s What It’s Like To Date Both

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