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The Golden Globes Accidentally Created A Fake Movie Called Hidden Fences

The Golden Globes Accidentally Created A Fake Movie Called Hidden Fences

The Debrief: The people of Twitter were entirely understanding and didn’t take the piss at all, obviously.

Despite being famouses and thus at the peak of human interaction, it turns out that a Golden Globes correspondent and actor Michael Keaton are, like the rest of us, capable of making embarrassing mistakes. Shocking, we know. 

On the red carpet, NBC correspondent Jenna Bush Hager confidently told Pharrell Williams that he’d been nominated for a Golden Globe based on his work on the film Hidden Fences

What an exciting achievement. Except that wasn’t the work Pharrell had been nominated for. Because Hidden Fences is not a film that exists. 

Before we spark a bunch of conspiracy theories, let us explain. 

What is Hidden Fences?

Pharrell contributed to the soundtrack of a film called Hidden Figures, which focuses on the three underappreciated African-American women responsible for the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. Jenna Bush Hager confusingly believed that this was the same film as Fences, a movie that stars Viola Davis and Denzel Washington and follows a story of sports and family tension.

How could someone confuse these two films, you may ask. Well, it might be down to the fact that both of the films include black actors. Or maybe it’s just that both titles begin with a consonant. Who can be sure? 

Regardless, Pharell reacted with the exact expression one would expect. 

But the whole thing got even weirder when Michael Keaton later got on stage and repeated the exact same mistake, this time referring to Hidden Firgures as Hidden Fences while reading out the nominees for the best supporting actress in a drama. Strange. 

The good people of Twitter reacted the only way we know how, turning Hidden Fences into a meme. Basically, you just mash up any two movies starring black actors to make another film that doesn’t exist. That's literally it. 








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