Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Thursday, 19 March 2015

Game of Thrones Star: ‘David Cameron’s Not Brave Enough To Be A Lannister’

Game of Thrones Star: ‘David Cameron’s Not Brave Enough To Be A Lannister’

The Debrief: Charles Dance exclusively tells The Debrief…

Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, said earlier this week that he was a fan of Game of Thrones. Which is great, because, well, it's nice to have one or two things in common with the man running the country. When asked which character he most identifies with, he responded with hesitation: ‘That is an impossible question to answer. I thought Ned Stark was great, I love Sean Bean, I was a big fan of Sharpe.’

See, we thought that Cameron was a little more like a Lannister, the rich southern family, than a Stark, the more hardy northern family. So when we got to the world premiere of Game of Thrones, we asked Charles Dance, who plays Tywin Lannister in the show, whether he thinks Cameron would make a good Lannister.

His response? ‘I don’t think he’s brave enough to be a Lannister, darling.’

That’s pretty damning, especially when you consider Joffrey Baratheon is technically a Lannister…

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