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This Is The Massive Mistake Friends Made In Ross And Emily’s Wedding Episode

This Is The Massive Mistake Friends Made In Ross And Emily’s Wedding Episode

The Debrief: Bet you didn't notice it, we didn't

Ross and Emily’s wedding episode is one of those Friends episodes we’ll all remember for ever and ever, right? Along with all every single Friends episode ever made…but still.

There was London, Moncia and Chandler hooking up, 'I take thee Rachel’ and everything else that went down. It was all great, everyone was invited and they all had a grand old time (apart from Phoebe who had to stay in New York because of her baby bump), but oh wait, there was one teeny tiny thing missing. By teeny tiny we mean actually quite a significant thing that you would expect to see at a wedding. By thing we mean person. By person we mean ROSS’ SON BEN. 

The producers of the show supposedly forgot to send Ben his wedding invite. Seriously, this happened. I mean, it’s not that we’re surprised, Ben didn’t make many appearances on the show towards the end of the series…was Ross even really a dad?! You only have to cast your mind back to season eight when Rachel gave birth to Emma and Ben seemed to mysteriously vanish from Ross’ life. Where did he go? One Reddit user even suggested that Ross had his visitation rights taken away from him…Interesting. 

Basically, Ross, where was your son at your own wedding? Sort it out. 

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