Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Friday, 21 August 2015

‘Fly That Spaceship Into My Vagina’ Fan Pleads With Harry Styles

‘Fly That Spaceship Into My Vagina’ Fan Pleads With Harry Styles

The Debrief: Drag Me Down is the newest single from One Direction…

One Direction have returned with the video for their first post-Zayn Malik single, Drag Me Down. The song has, ironically, got all of the R&B tinges Zayn was always hankering for while in the traditionally pop-rock band, and the voices, well, they’re a bit cleaner than what we’re used to hearing from the lads.

Regardless, the video shows them going literally stratospheric, as they train to be astronauts then go into space on a massive rocket.

One entirely reasonable response?

We’re guessing that’s come from someone who either thinks the spaceship is as big IRL as it is on-screen, or who has confidently flexible Kegel muscles.

Meanwhile, the most sky-high Harry’s getting is his latest on-stage trip-up.

Who knew those camel-coloured Chelsea boots could be so cumbersome?

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