Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Friday, 13 May 2016

justin bieber german

Flashback Friday To That Time Justin Bieber Didn't Know What 'German' Was

The Debrief: 'German? We don't say that in America.'

Hungover? In need of a pick me up? Good. Because this month marks the month six years ago when Justin Bieber didn't know what 'German' was.

And that's always a fun thing to remember.

What happened was this; the Biebs, pre-bleached hair, pre-Bieber Mark II: The Return Of Justin As A Serious Musician, was doing an interview on a New Zealand talk show when the host asked him whether 'Bieber' was German for 'basketball'.

Sadly though, Justin Bieber appeared not to know what 'German' was. Hilarity ensued while Justin looked bemused.

TBF, he later clarified that he does in fact know what 'German' is, he just thought the guy with his New Zealand accent was saying 'Jewman'.

Despite the guy showing him the word written down on his notecard.


As in the language spoken in Germany.


You can watch the whole video here.

justin bieber german


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