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FKA Twigs, Mother Of Ribbons, Gives Birth To Ribbons In New Music Video

FKA Twigs, Mother Of Ribbons, Gives Birth To Ribbons In New Music Video

The Debrief: Her spectacularly spooky EP, Melissa (or M3L155X) also sees her as a blow up doll!

Ever wanted to see a Keith Richards-a-like shaman woman eat a lightblub? Or FKA Twigs’ head on a blow-up doll’s body? Or to see the singer and dancer and video director give birth to a bunch of multicoloured ribbons?

Well, now’s your chance, because FKA Twigs is back with a five song EP. You can watch M3LL155X, which, yes, does sound like a very strong password, here:

It’s a video and song deal (as in, the songs are meant to be heard while you watch the videos). And as well as the bizarre, there are fistfuls of opulent jewellery, a bit where she dances all sultry in pyjamas, a drag queen Vogueing competition and another song where she and a couple of backing dancers do a futuristic impression of TLC in denim and Caterpillar boots.

Boots are elsewhere on the EP, too, as that’s the name of the producer behind the songs. You’ll have heard some of his previous work on Beyoncé’s eponymous album.

As for the music on the EP? It’s a glitchy throwback to speed garage, 90s R&B and includes lyrics like ‘will you fuck me when I stare at the sun?’

The video came about as part of Twigs’ v arty involvement in the Manchester International Festival where she’d invite members of the audience to watch her rehearse the show.

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