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FKA Twigs Cries For Unwell Fan Her Trolls Abused

FKA Twigs Cries For Unwell Fan Her Trolls Abused

The Debrief: In brighter news, she’s never watched Twilight…

FKA Twigs has previously spoken of the racist abuse she’s suffered for, you know, being mixed race and daring to go out with tween favourite Robert Pattinson (it’s rumoured they’re engaged, and she’s been wearing a diamond on her ring finger). But we had no idea how far the abuse would go.

She broke down in tears when she told The Sunday Times in an interview that fans, so intent on destroying what her and Robert have, pounced on an unwell fan.

Twigs explained that she would send gifts and signed memorabilia to a Canadian fan who was too unwell with cancer to make any of her shows. These gifts would be via a friend of the unwell fan’s (another big fan of Twigs).

This friend tweeted Twigs a photo of his unwell friend ‘looking really happy, saying, “She listens to your music and it makes her so happy.” I wrote back on Twitter, “Thank you so much for coming to my show, stay strong…”

But of course, Twigs’ haters noticed this: ‘They all started attacking her. Within 20 seconds it was just like n*****, monkey, ugly, die bitch, all this stuff on his feed. It broke my heart… this lady who is really sick and is probably going to die.’

At this point, Twigs started crying in the interview, saying: ‘I’m not crying for me, but because it’s so upsetting. I feel like I’ve subjected her to that.’

She later told the interviewer: ‘I’m sorry. I never cry. I didn’t feel it coming, I wouldn’t have said it. I thought I was over it, but I’m not.’


It looks like Twigs is bearing the brunt of a wider feeling that girls like her aren’t meant to be pop stars. Earlier on in the interview, she explained: ‘Western society tells you if you’re blonde, you’re beautiful; if you have green eyes, you’re beautiful; if you have fair skin, you’re beautiful.’

‘Out of London, that’s very much more so… Even in magazines I wasn’t seeing a reflection of myself, because it was Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera.

‘Sometimes it was racist, but I think without really realising. Kids can just be a bit cruel.’

As for Robert? He too is pretty sensitive, telling German magazine Jolie: ‘I’ve often wished I had a bigger ego – maybe it would have helped me cope with all the things around me.’

Unfortunately, with Twigs admitting that she’s more a fan of Robert the person than R-Patz the actor (she admitted she’s never watched Twilight) you can’t bet on the trolls retreating any time soon.

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