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FBF To All Saints And Their Always Impeccable Outfits

FBF To All Saints And Their Always Impeccable Outfits

The Debrief: The girlband all other girlbands should base themselves on (and yes, we're including the Spice Girls)

All Saints were (controversial statement ahead here) the girlband all other girlbands should base themselves on. Yes. Even the Spice Girls. Here were their best looks.

1. The Prohibition Gang Leader Look

See here sonny. What we're going to do is head over to that there bank and rob it. Then we're going to head down to the Rat Pack nightclub and watch old Blue Eyes sing a little tune I like to call New York, New York. Let's raise a glass of moonshine to this gad damn beautiful city.

2. Sports Teacher or Top Fashion Icon Look

While there are young men and women with impeccable style wearing just this on the streets of Hackney these days, it was also the same exacty look favoured by your Year 11 PE teacher Miss Holden who literally never believed you were on your period and therefore couldn't do swimming/tennis/cross country running. Was Miss Holden actually a fashion icon? Maybe.

3. The Park Ranger Look

Before All Saints, Natalie had loved nature, animals and trekking for miles under the moonlit sky with nothing but her trusty compass to guide her. In fact, she'd even got accepted onto the graduate scheme for park rangers in training at Yellowstone National Park. Then her sister Nicole made her join a multi-platinum internationally successful girlband and Natalie had to give up her dream of living in a log cabin with a friendly bear named Henry. She wasn't going to give up the park ranger look though. Oh no.

4. Construction Chic

These guys were doing that Fifth Harmony video for Work From Home waaaaaay before Fifth Harmony had weened themselves off Bob The Builder. They also did it by flashing less skin. Which is totally Fifth Harmony's deal if that's what they want to do but at the end of the day you can't beat a baggy pair of jeans and some Timberland boots.

5. The Classic

This was what you went to Tammy Girl for. This was what you saved up your money from the tooth fairy, pocket money and money you stole out of mum's purse for. This look. This was what you wanted to be. Combat trousers and a cropped vest top. Plus those teeny tiny sunglasses. All hail this look. It was everything.

6. Abs For Days

Riddle me this. How in the era of clean eating, fitness fanaticism and all-round wellness are we not able to have abs like Melanie Blatt here? I thought the 90s was all about downing pints of beer  and staying out until 5AM at the Met Bar. That, my friends, is not a lifestyle condusive to flawless abs. Substitute the Met Bar for the local Wetherspoons and that was my university experience. I definitely did not have abs like Mel Blatt.

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