Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Friday, 10 July 2015

Falling Over Just Got Sexy, Thanks To Harry Styles

Falling Over Just Got Sexy, Thanks To Harry Styles

The Debrief: The One Direction heart-throb didn't fall once, but twice...

Ever seen someone fall over in a sexy way? We present Exhibit A, Harry Styles falling over not once, but twice at the opening night of One Direction’s US leg of their On The Road Again tour in San Diego.

Strutting about to Through The Dark, it was really like he was trying to navigate a messy room in the dark.  His microphone stand caught, then he was flung back, only to stumble once more. As for the Directioners in the audience? They shrieked and whooped as if he’d just taken his top off.

As for those who weren’t there who’ve just cottoned on to the video? They’re tweeting #OhNoHarry along with some pretty smart memes

Perhaps, in the name of stage safety, it’s worth us settling with the fact that man-buns really aren’t a terrible idea.

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