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Emma Watson \\\'Target Of A Kidnapping Plot\\\' On Beauty And The Beast Set

Emma Watson 'Target Of A Kidnapping Plot' On Beauty And The Beast Set

The Debrief: The plot was foiled by a cab driver, and security’s been stepped up accordingly

It’s scary being famous. People follow you around, paparazzi take photos of you when you’re not wearing make-up, and sometimes studio workers try and kidnap you. Scarily, two guys were overheard by a cab driver talking about a plot to kidnap the lovely Emma Watson as she’s filming at Shepperton Studios just outside London, and so he alerted studio bosses who then stepped up security bigtime around the shoot.

Though the guys, believed to be cleaners, were talking in a different language, the cabbie happened to speak the same language so could hear everything they were saying. And they were saying they were going to kidnap poor Emma. ‘They said the two studio staff travelling in the cab were chatting in a foreign language, unaware that the driver could understand every word,’ a source told The Sun. ‘It is shocking to think anyone would want to rob or harm Emma, particularly a member of studio staff.’

Emma is currently filming the live action remake of Beauty And The Beast, and is playing Belle – but this isn’t the first time she’s had a security scare. While studying at uni, she was sent lots of creepy letters and more recently, on the set of Noah, a crazed fan got on set so filming had to be halted.

We hope she’s OK – can’t imagine how scary it must be to find out some people supposedly working with you actually want to kidnap you.

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