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Emilia Clarke Basically Confirmed Jon Snow\'s Fate In Game Of Thrones. Spoilers Guys

Emilia Clarke Basically Confirmed Jon Snow's Fate In Game Of Thrones. Spoilers Guys

The Debrief: If season 6 could start already so we can find out for sure, that would be great

If you’re currently hanging on the edge of your work chair in the reaaaaaaalllllly long wait up to the new season of Game of Thrones, you are not alone. It feels like it has been about seven years since we saw Jon Snow stabbed to death and lying in a pool of his own blood in season five.

But fear not, because Emilia Clarke just gave away a huge spoiler. You probably thought, like us, that that JS was in fact, dead. So dead that we would never hear his gruff voice again or see his cute smirk, nor would we watch him battle against crows as if his life depended on it (well, it kinda did) – BUT IT MAY NOT BE TRUE. Emilia was asked to wink if Jon was alive or dead at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Moncia, and she bloody winked didn't she. 


Now, obviously we would have rather his fate be kept under wraps so we could squeal with excitement when he appeared to our screens. But we’re not complaining about the return of him, obviously. Long live Jon Snow!

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