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Dream Man Channing Tatum Is Opening A Real Life Magic Mike Show

Dream Man Channing Tatum Is Opening A Real Life Magic Mike Show

The Debrief: One ticket to Las Vegas please sir. I've got a show to catch.

If you've got a hole in your life that both Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL together were unable to fill then start saving for Vegas baby, because everyone's favourite tongue in cheek strip show movie franchise is becoming a reality.


Channing Tatum, apple of your eye and keeper of your heart, announced the new venture yesterday. 'I was walking around my house full of hot guys that I live with, and I was thinking what's next for Magic Mike?' He says in the announcement video from Cosmo US. FYI, in the video he really is in a house full of rather attractive young gentlemen. And puppies.

'2D?' He mused. 'Nah, we've already done it twice. 3D? Well that hasn't been cool since Avatar. Virtual Reality... I don't know.' And that's when his brainwave came. 'Justin Timberlake from The Social Network popped into my head and said "what if you just drop the virtual?"

'MAGIC MIKE REALITY' He proclaims like Moses on the mountain. A half naked Moses on the mountain.

Channing's got a message for naysayers too. 'We want to create a world where women are given the same options that men have been given for centuries.... God knows we have enough "gentlemens'" clubs in this world so let's start the first "gentleladies" club. Or maybe not so gentle. I don't know, we're not mind readers. So let us know what you want, and we're going to create it for you.' He says before scampering off to play with the puppies alongside his dreamy housemates.

Pretty much all that's left is to watch this on repeat. For the rest of the day.


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