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Drake Suicidal Man Manchester

Drake Offered To Talk A Man Down From A Manchester Bridge

The Debrief: Police declined the offer

Drake has been pretty busy since entering the UK. He made that trip to Nando’s and spent £600 (let’s face it, we’ve all thought about spending unimaginable amounts in Nando’s on chicken) and now he’s trying to give the whole ‘superhero’ thing a go. 

Here’s the story. Drake’s tour bus got stuck in a traffic jam while on the road in Manchester after his Boy Meets World Tour. This was because there was a man standing on the bridge, on the wrong side of the barriers. Police officers were on the scene, and while trying to get the man from the ledge of the bridge, they were approached by a member of Drake’s entourage to tell them that Drake would be more than willing to talk to the man if the police thought it could help. 

Inspector Phil Spurgeon of the Manchester police told the Manchester Evening News that they were ‘approached by a male from a tour van caught up in the traffic congestion He offered for Drake to speak to the male on the bridge, if that would help.’ 

The police decided to decline the offer, and according to the Manchester Evening News simply said ‘thanks but no,’  before going on to save the man’s life and take him to hospital for assessment.  

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