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Drakes Dad\\\\\\\'s Tattoo Is The Worst

Drakes Dad's Tattoo (Of Drake) Is The Worst

The Debrief: Drizzy's dad definitely qualifies as his biggest fan

Drake is no stranger to getting people’s faces inked on his body having previously revealed that he has tattoos of Denzel Washington, Sade, Aaliyah, Lil Wayne and even his dad. It’s emerged on social media that Drizzy’s dad, Dennis Graham, has now decided to get his son’s face inked on his right arm. 

Their respect for one another coupled with the father-son bromance may be adorable, but Graham’s new tattoo really is the worst. 

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Graham met tattooist Money Mike at a birthday party a few years ago where the idea for an ink of Drake was first discussed. The tattoo artist reportedly created the masterpiece free of charge.  Graham initially wanted the tattoo so he could match Drake’s but said the tat also means that his son is now always with him. 


Check it out y'all! Made it to TMZ again... tattooed @champagnepapi fathers portrait on the man himself @therealdennisg go watch the re-runs or go to TMZ.com to see it....pretty cool! Thanks for the love and exposure @tmz_tv #theartofmoneymike #tmz #drake #drizzy #dennisgraham #drakespops #fatherlylove #family #portraitduties #portraittattoo #stilldoingspecials #bookyourapptnow #covina #glendora #sandimas #LA #artsyndrometattoos #ast #bigthangspoppin #cheyennehawkpen #dynamicink #independentartist #depositrequired #getinwhereyoufitin thanks for looking! (909)539-7489 □

A post shared by The Real Money Mike (@moneymike_freeagent) on Oct 1, 2017 at 2:13pm PDT


If you squint your eyes and tilt your head then the tattoo does, sort of, resemble the Canadian rapper. It’s reminiscent of a Nothing Was The Same Drake with a shaven head and pout, instead of tight-curled, full bearded More Life Drake.

As well as making the news with his dodgy artwork, Dennis Graham has become quite the Insta-celeb. If he’s not in the studio working on his own music career, he seems to be out partying 24/7. As his son puts it so well – ‘drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments.’ Let’s hope he’s accomplished more than a giant face on his arm. 


So many pictures to post from last night @snoopdogg @thedonjuanshow

A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on Jul 28, 2017 at 2:25pm PDT


Although he’s proud of his multi-award winning son, I reckon there are easier, less permanent ways to show your respect and pride. However, Drake has also got a tattoo of his late grandmother, so perhaps portrait tattoos are a thing now? If so, that’s one new trend I’m more than happy to ditch.

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