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Douglas Booth Says The Red Carpet Pressure On Emma Watson Is 'Intense'

The Debrief: The actor can see the way his Noah co-star is 'pulled apart'...

A model and actor, Douglas Booth is no stranger to having his looks pored over with every step he takes on the red carpet. However, after spending a lot of time with Emma Watson during their promotional tour for biblical disaster film Noah, he’s learned that things are a lot easier for men than women when it comes to dressing to impress.

‘It’s no way near as bad for men. For women, there’s a lot of pressure– they pull you apart a lot more,' he told The Debrief on the red carpet of the Jameson Empire Awards last night. ‘All I’ve got to worry about is to make sure my trousers are the right length.’

He's got a point. And yet, when we pointed out that he probably doesn’t have to worry about VPL in the same way women do, he asked us what VPL stood for – and then spluttered. ‘You know what, I do! When I was picking out my pants today, I made sure I picked ones that weren’t all bunching up.’

So it seems like our eagle-eyes, HD-definition cameras and prying paps are giving us all a heightened thirst for even men to make sartorial cock-ups. However, just because it’s now happening to the guys too, doesn’t mean it’s a great thing. And to whatever degree it's happening to men, it's happening to the women a lot more: 'It’s definitely a lot harder for women, being on tour with Emma [Watson], I mean…it gets intense.'

We wanted to press him further but at that point another journalist decided to ask him about who he’s shagging, so he politely spun on his shiny heels and strolled off, with a brief: ‘Thank you’. So there you go: men – exempt from fashion dilemmas, but still get the same questions about their love lifes.

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