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David Beckham Wows At Wimbledon. Yep, You Read That Right

David Beckham Wows At Wimbledon. Yep, You Read That Right

The Debrief: Ex-footballer was in the Royal Box at the event, but still managed to get cheers from the crowds...for his athleticism, we're sure...

Wimbledon’s celeb-heavy tally is one of the many reasons it’s pretty incredible to watch. Not only do you get those tense, nail-biting rallies, tantrums and near-misses from the players, but you get a little break from all that competition when the BBC’s camera’s lurch over to the famouses in the crowd. And whether they’re Anna Wintour, Bradley Cooper, Kate and Wills or even Drake, it’s exciting to see them all suited and booted to watch some sport.

Not that David Beckham should have really been in that suit when he caught a ball hit up to him by the men’s doubles match – which Andy Murray’s brother Jamie was playing in - yesterday.

Because he had to show off a little bit of athleticism, which we're guessing isn't too easy in a blazer. To applause, whistles and cheers – even a player clapping on his racket – David caught the ball then quickly flung it back into the game before raising his eyebrows.

The reaction might have been a bit more excitable than he’d expected, though (how many people watching the match must have had their eyes simply locked on him, especially when it was just one game in?) and he began to get all giggly and coy…putting paid to the fact that he seems incredibly grounded even though he gets to watch sports from the Royal Box these days…

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