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Daniel Radcliffe Shows Us How Hard Receptionists Have It

Daniel Radcliffe Shows Us How Hard Receptionists Have It

The Debrief: He ‘worked’ at Nylon for an hour and realised that being mistaken for a non-famous receptionist was pretty trying...

As a sort of prank-cum-viral video thingy, Nylon magazine got Daniel Radcliffe, the very famous very well-lauded actor who you think everyone in the world actually knows, to be their receptionist. For an hour. And none of the staff actually knew it was him there (apart from, we guess, a couple of them who organized for Daniel to come in in the first place).

In that hour, he was ignored, accosted for photographs by the people who actually recognised him (he happily agreed to all of them, the charmer that he is) and then the real work started. Demands were made, deliveries delivered and a whole lot of people who didn’t actually recognise him treated him like a normal. And that must have been weird after all the fawning.

And when Joe Jonas – who was surely in on the joke - turned up, he put even more pressure on Daniel, who could only haplessly reply: ‘I’m very new and very shit.’

Daniel’s verdict on being a receptionist?: ‘People come in and you just need to know what they need, it’s terrifying!’

Maybe stick to the day job (rear of the year).

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