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Daniel Radcliffe\\\\\\\'s First Audition Tape For Harry Potter Is Adorable

Daniel Radcliffe's First Audition Tape For Harry Potter Is Adorable

The Debrief: He was SO CUTE.

Daniel Radcliffe has famously been very critical of his earliest performances in Harry Potter, although he admits he was "at a stage when you hate your face anyway, and anything it does is repellant to you". We think you were way harsh on yourself, Radders – you were decent enough in the HP films – even during Harry's irritating teenage years when he talked in SHOUTY CAPITALS all the time. 


Now an early video of Daniel auditioning for the part of Harry Potter is doing the rounds again, after the actor gave an interview in The Times where he said someone sent him a YouTube link of said video, and it freaked him out a bit. 

In the (adorable) footage, Daniel is seen reading scenes for his audition, discussing a dragon egg with Hagrid, and giggling his cute little face off.

While we coo-ed over the old video, Daniel's reaction wasn't so great: "I was like: 'Oh shit! OK..." he told The Times. Guess it's not ideal to re-watch an audition for a performance you have publicly decreed you hate. 

And while he said he thought he only got the career-making role because he "looked good in glasses," we think fans will agree there was something of the boy wizard in that audition tape. 

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