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Daisy Robins: Everything You Need To Know About The Made In Chelsea Newbie

Daisy Robins: Everything You Need To Know About The Made In Chelsea Newbie

The Debrief: She'll be bringing more drama than your primary school nativity and your ex-boyfriend COMBINED.

There is a new girl causing a stir in the borough of Kensington and her name is Daisy Robins. 

How to best describe Daisy? Well. If there was a bar-o-meter for 'how Made In Chelsea are you?' with a scale ranging from 0 to YAS YAS YAAAAS DAHLIN', then Daisy Robins is at the peak. Providing she has the time of course, from all the swanning around Sloane Square in a K-Middy assemble and plotting business ventures (but more of that in a minute!!) 

But because we spend a big wedge of our lives encapsulated in the MIC bubble (1 hour every Mondays + 2 hours debriefing in the work kitchen on Tuesday + 30 mins in a Whatsapp group gif-ing the fuck outta the drama) I thought you might like to be better acquainted with this particular newbie, so I had a chat with her to find out all the things you've been wondering. Cor, aren't I a considerate lady. Someone nominate me for a Knighthood.

Consider this your Daisy Darcy Robins cheatsheet....

How old is Daisy?

She is 23 years of age! Birthday tweets to be sent on 9th April, please. 

What did she study? Did she go to university? 

Are you ready to feel a bit shit about your degree in English Language? Daisy did a Masters degree at London College of Fashion. Which one? Oh, only International Fashion Management combined with Chinese and Accountancy. WHAT?! 'Don't ask me why!', she laughed. It was as if she could hear my brain sob at that very question.  

Where is Daisy from? 

She grew up in Chelsea and has lived in London ever since. 'I have a house in Chelsea and a few more around the world. My grandfather used to own this place here [we are sat in the Bluebird in Chelsea, btw.. SUPER CASUAL #HUMBLEBRAG THERE DAIS]. My family used to own the Bluebird and they were the first people who ever did.' So Chelsea, it hurts. 

What does Daisy Robin's family do? Are they the heirs to the Jaffa Cake business?

Not quite. Daisy has A LOT of outlandish family history to tell. As in, if she went on Who Do You Think You Are she'd probably need at least a 384372923-hour slot. I'm only exaggerating a little bit. 

She said: 'My great-grandmother was born in Canada and moved to America had a Polo farm, also had a lot of money and owned the Hollywood hills [blimey] which she sold. Then my family came to England with a man called Malcolm Campbell who was my great grandfather's best friend. They were the first people to fly an aeroplane called the Bluebird in Australia. My great grandmother decided to buy this building [The Bluebird] as a garage. Then her daughter was the first woman to bring polo [the sport, not the mints] to the UK. I am a Chelsea girl through and through! Oh, and my Grandmother trained Walt Disney’s Polo horses. They were really good friends! I’ve got the most amazing pictures at home that Walt Disney has given our family.' So casual. 

How did Daisy Robins get on Made In Chelsea?

You mean, aside from being the epitome of Chelsea?! 'I know a lot of the cast from school. I went to two different schools, so Louise and Rosie were at first school and Sam, Frankie, Liv etc were all at my second', she explained. 'I was studying before and now is the right time for me, I've got some business ideas so I thought it was a good time to join.'

Does Daisy have a boyfriend?

No, she doesn't and when quizzed about whether anyone in Chelsea had the hots for any of her fellow castmates she replied, 'There’s more drama than love interests, lets put it that way!' Ooooh, the suspense!    

Who are her best friends in the show?

'Ella!', says Daisy. 'I hang out with Liv quite a lot and Toff. I was quite close with Frankie at school as well.'

Where does Daisy hang out in London?

That would be Brinkleys, The Bluebird and The Botanist on Sloane Square. 'I live around there so it’s really convenient for me!' Expensive mojitos are on the menu if you want to rub shoulders with this socialite. 

How do I follow Daisy Robins on Twitter?

Her Twitter account is @DaisyRobins and at the time of writing, she has 195 followers(!?!?). Admittedly, I had to spend 10 mins checking it wasn't a fake but the official Made In Chelsea account tweeted her, so it must be above board, right? In a few months time, it'll hit 195k  if the drama continues, though - mark my words.  

Whats Daisy's Instagram?

You can follow her (and her very swishy hair) on Instagram at  @daisyrobins

Made In Chelsea Season 13 is on Mondays 9 pm on E4.

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