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Cressida Bonas To Feature In Film With Cara Delevingne

The Debrief: Directed by the man behind The Other Boleyn Girl, Tulip fever is a historial drama set to hit our screens in 2015...

We sure hope that there's room for two sisters, or at least two cousins in 2015 film Tulip Fever, because this is the movie set to star Cara Delevingne and Prince Harry's ex, Cressida Bonas – and they look so similar it would be royally stupid to not have them play characters who are related.

The Harvey Weinstein film is based on the Deborah Moggarch novel and is set in the 17th Century, where an artist falls in love with a married young woman as he paints her portrait. The tulip reference is there because they then invest in the tulip market together. It seems a far cry from the last film Cara shot, Kids In Love, which was filmed with a bunch of other young beautiful people, gadding about at Notting Hill Carnival, and from where we're standing looked distinctly Skins-y. Maybe that's something she can talk about on-set with Skins' very own Jack O'Connell, who is also signed up to the film.

Django Unchained's Christoph Waltz, Glee's Matthew Morrison and just-about-everything's Judi Dench are all in the flick as well, which is directed by Justin Chadwick, the man behind the camera in The Other Boleyn Girl.

We can't see Cressy's name down on IMDB's list of confirmed cast members, but an insider told The Evening Standard: 'It's so clever. They've cast actual models like Cara and Daisy [Lowe] to play the artists' models, and for the part of the society lady they've cast Prince Harry's ex.'

Oh, so they're not playing relatives after all? It'll have to be worked into the script, artistic licence and all that.

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