Rebecca Holman | Editor | Thursday, 5 February 2015

Celebrity Friendships That You Totally Weren't Expecting

The Debrief: What were Ashton Kutcher and Princess Beatrice talking about on that yacht?

Do you remember back in February when some media outlets were reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio mistook Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews for a hotel worker when they met on holiday in Barbados? No? I'm guessing you were probably too busy reading actual real news.

Nevertheless, Spencer told The Sun: ‘We were having a chit-chat about whether he was having a lovely time, whether we’d be seeing him back – I sounded like a I worked at the hotel.’ First thought: how odd it is that Leo and Spencer were in the same room at the same time and had a conversation (a fairly one-sided one, but a conversation, nonetheless).

In further weird-celebrity-friendship news, Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence took a picture of them hanging out together on the weekend. Who knew they were BFFs?

So, in celebration, here's all the celebrity friendships that truly baffle us... 

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