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Cara Delevingne’s Just Been Replaced By Carla Bruni

Cara Delevingne’s Just Been Replaced By Carla Bruni

The Debrief: Storm models have removed her photo from their website, making space for the French-Italian singer and model to shuffle up...

Never before has the world been more convinced of Cara Delevingne’s acting potential than when Storm Models, the agency she’s been signed to since the tender age of 16, deleted her listing from its website.

Now there’s speculation she’s left modelling for good and will now focus on acting.  Cara long ago said that modelling was just a route into acting: ‘Modelling is a great job, and I appreciate everything it has brought me, but it’s not my passion. As far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to act.’

She also said more recently, after doing both jobs, that there’s less focus on her looks when she’s acting than when she’s modelling: ‘With acting, the last thing you do is try to look pretty. Modelling actually makes acting harder – it makes you so self-aware.’

Good luck to her! As for who’ll step up into her place as It-model of the moment?

We figured that, if all of the tiles on Storm’s alphabetically-ordered women’s section on its website shuffled up one to move into Cara’s space, then the person who has taken her place is none other than Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. That’s the model and musician who once dated Mick Jagger, co-wrote an album with Pete Doherty and married the French then-president.

She’s got the posh connections, she’s got the music links and she certainly drips with rock and roll quality. But does Carla have the eyebrows?

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