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Buying Something From Kylie Lip Kit? Maybe Don\\\'t, For This Reason

Buying Something From Kylie Lip Kit? Maybe Don't, For This Reason

The Debrief: Errrrrrm Kylie, what's up with this?

Kylie Jenner’s got yet some more explaining to do about her latest batch of Kylie Lip Kits.

Beauty blogger Stephanie Nicole has outed the ingredients of the Kylie Lip Kits in a 24.34 minute YouTube video. With just a little investigation, Stephanie discovered that the $29 Lip Kit had the same ingredients as a ColourPop lipstick, which retails at $6. Yes, that is a $23 difference. 23 dollars to have Kylie Jenner’s name on your lipstick, people. 

Stephanie is quick to point out that the issue isn’t in that the two products have the same formulas, it’s the great big whopping gap in the price – even though the products are both made in Spatz Labs. Both products are formulated in the same way, in the same lab, with the same techniques. Her point is that ColourPop lipsticks are cheap, so it doesnt really matter how well they're manufactured. But for something so expensive surely Kylie should be shedding out more for better manufacturing?

Stephanie’s thoughts? That the money is going straight into Kylie’s pocket, not on product development like it should be: 'They have to pay Kylie Jenner because her name is on here. So that’s where all that extra money is going…it’s not going for product development. It’s not going for better ingredients. It’s not going for product development. it’s not going for better ingredients. It’s sure as sh*t not going for faster development.' You tell em.

She also has a problem with the difference in quality of the latest batch. She says the old texture was creamy, whereas this one is more watery and that the colour of old Candy K is so different to the new one they look like completely different shades of pinky nude. She does point out that the Kylie Lip Kit gloss did stay on her lips all day, but for the $23 difference Stephanie could buy 3.8 more ColourPop glosses and probably mix them together to create the ultimate Candy K kombination. 

We get it that most brands add on extra pounds because of a label. Hell we pay like £100 for Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (or rather, features editor, Vicky, does) but that stuff is magic and it's probably created with doves and harps playing in the background in a lab floating on clouds. Kylie is just at the start of her make-up career, so maybe it's time to reevaluate things and plan things just a liiiiiitle bit more. 

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