Stevie Martin | Staff Writer | Friday, 11 September 2015

Brooklyn Beckham\\\'s Guide To Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham's Guide To Instagram

The Debrief: Who better to get tips from than the prince of instagram?

When someone has 4.2 million followers on Instagram, and you’ve got 344, it’s a good idea to open your mind to their advice. Which is why Brooklyn Beckham’s guide to Instagram for Vogue is perfect for anyone looking to perfect their Hudson-filtered landscapes and get a bit more popular on the social media platform. Even if he’s only 16 years old. 

‘Everyone loves a selfie, but when every single photo on your profile consists of a picture of yourself, you need to rethink your Instagram,’ the fashionable moppet advises. ‘Don’t forget to look for interesting things around you instead.’ I mean, he’s basically Gandhi. 

Other tips include no selfie sticks and no asking for follows – ‘You wouldn't beg someone to be your mate in real life, would you?’ – but check out the video for more Insta-gold set to a pumping soundtrack, and watch the followers mount up (maybe).

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