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Brody Jenner’s Not Happy About Being Constantly Asked About His More Famous Sisters

The Debrief: We bet a few famous women could also relate to that...

Brody Jenner really isn’t the most famous person affiliated with the Kardashian clan. If you were to put him in a league table of the famousest Kardashian-Jenners, he’d probably fit a little below Robert and maybe one above Mason Disick. That’s why we sort of get that a recent TMZ reporter, when face-to-face with Brody, was more interested in what Brody's sister thought of her recent trip to Australia – rather than anything Brody was doing.

But we also get why Brody lashed out at the photographer, saying: ‘Let me tell you something, you ask me some fucking stupid questions like that, I’m not going to answer them. You’re asking me? If Kim was here, you can ask her that fucking same question, understand that? What, you have anything else for me? That’s it, you’re gonna ask me about my fucking sister?’

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First off, Brody doesn’t seem that close to Kim, having not gone to her wedding. But also, he seems to be a little over being defined by the famous women in his life and not his own achievements. (Come on, you watched The Hills, right?)

All in all, it’s a bit of an exercise in bear-baiting, you can see he’s being wound up, and doesn't really expect the paps to be there for him, but we figure Brody’s just got a taste of what so many famous women have to deal with every day.

Unfortunately, women in the public eye, are defined by their family, in a way (most) men aren’t. Instead of being called an acclaimed human rights lawyer first and foremost, Amal Clooney’s been repeatedly referred to as that woman who managed to ‘tame’ a famous actor. And Jennifer Garner recently spoke out against the way the press will ask her about her work/life balance in a way they won’t ask her husband, Ben Affleck.

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She told the recent Elle Women In Hollywood event: ‘My husband and I do kind of the same job, a little bit. Not long ago we both had one of those magical days, we call it a junket, where we both attended these lovely events where people come in every four minutes, they ask the same questions over and over again, you know the drill.’

‘We got home at night and we compared notes. And I told him every single person who interviewed me, I mean every single one, and this is true of the red carpet here tonight Elle, asked me, “How do you balance work and family?” and he said the only thing that people asked him repeatedly was about the tits on the Blurred Lines girl, [Affleck's Gone Girl co-star Emily Ratajkowski]’

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We’re not saying these sorts of questions are only ever directed at women, we’re sure Keith Allen is asked about his daughter a lot more than himself (that’s Lily Allen, keep up), but maybe incidences like Brody’s lashing out – a suitably boring response to ongoing pestering – will teach the press that sometimes people are a bit more than their families. Even the Kardashians!

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