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Britney Spears Gets Stuck In A Tree. Handles It Like A Hero.

Britney Spears Gets Stuck In A Tree. Handles It Like A Hero.

The Debrief: When Britney got stuck up the fake tree, she began to shout. (She didn’t).

We’ve all been there: you’re singing and dancing to a slowe version of Toxic in a fake tree – a little head banging, a few hip thrusts – and you get stuck in your harness. The harness that was supposed to take you soaring across the crowd of adoring fans. It’s just the worst.

Britney Spears has definitely been there because this is exactly what happened on Saturday, during a performance of her Piece Of Me residency at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. In the end, a stealthy stagehand had to make his way up the fixture to help her down.

Naturally, she handled it like the pro that she is – you wouldn’t even notice she was meant to go for a quick trip across the audience, thanks to the distraction of her hair flicks.  

Britney had another little stage mishap back in October when her bodysuit came unzipped and, instead of running backstage to get it re-zipped, she carried on while her dancers tried to do it up again. What ensued was a good minute or so of awkward zip fumbling/back flashing while Britney keeps time. What a hero.

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