Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Friday, 17 April 2015

Britney Spears Gets Called ‘Fat Bitch’ On Stage, And Responds In The Most Brilliant Way

Britney Spears Gets Called ‘Fat Bitch’ On Stage, And Responds Brilliantly

The Debrief: The singer’s got two kids to show for that ass, what on earth has he got to show for being one?

If you paid hundreds of pounds to see a pop star – one of the biggest of your generation – perform on stage, you’d probably like them, wouldn’t you? And if you had one opportunity to say something to them while performing, you’d say something nice, wouldn’t you? Like ‘Ooooohhhmaaaaaaygod I love you Britney!’

That’s why we’re baffled that some dude would use a quiet moment in Britney’s Las Vegas residency to have a go at the singer for her body. Yeah, she’s a singing, dancing and sometimes acting triple threat; yeah, she’s a mum of two; yeah, she’s carrying on in the limelight and entertaining fans despite a history of mental issues; yeah, every time she gets on stage one small mistake of hers could wing its way through the tabloids to paint her out as this, that or the other.

But what is she to this dude who got so close she could hear him heckling her? A ‘fat bitch’, he’s decided. Britney’s response, as captured here by TMZ, is ‘Fucking asshole’.

Britney Spears Drops F-Bomb on Rude Fan - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

Just when we thought her song Till The World Ends couldn’t get any better, it now features her making some guy feel crappy about his mean comments. We’re going to give everyone an opportunity to listen to the full song, too, because it’s a banger. Well done Britney, forever in our hearts.

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