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Binky Felstead: Everything You Need To Know About The Made In Chelsea Girl Who We Wish Was Our BFF

The Debrief: If you became anymore acquainted with Binky you'd be invited round for tea

If I looked up ‘friend’ in the dictionary, I would not be surprised to see Made In Chelsea's  ‘Alexandra "Binky" Felstead’ written in bold. Well, only a tiny bit. 


I bet my last fluff-covered pound coin that Binks would properly look after you when times were tough. She would deffo let you blub on her shoulders if you drunkenly spewed over the guy you were seeing’s shoulder. She would 100% rub off that stray red lippy that found its way on your chin. Binky would get you a hamper full of tissues, rom coms and a milk tray the second you started blowing your nose. 


But if we are going to make her our BFF (if you’re reading this, hi, wanna be BFFs?) we need to know what we are getting ourselves into and find out everything there is to know about the Made in Chelsea gal who stole our hearts right back in 2011. 


What is Binky short for?


Errr Binkypopalopapus? No I’m kidding, Her parents nicknamed her Binky when she was a baby and it kinda stuck. Her real name is Alexandra Elizabeth Felstead. 


How old is Binky?

She is 27 years old and her birthday is the 14th June if you want to send her a card or a birthday tweet.  

Binky's net worth?

She is reported to be worth around 1.4 million pounds which is a lot more than me, now you've brought it up. Of course, Binky, one of the longest appearing MIC stars, is worth a zillion pounds to us, because she's so god damn great. Actually, scrap that. She's priceless.  

Who are Binky's parents? What do they do?


Her mum is Jane and her dad is Roger who are divorced. Her dad had an information software business and according to Binky 'travelled a lot'. ‘Mummy Felstead’ is a regular on the show and is always giving stellar dating advice (note: Alex Mytton drama). In fact, Mrs Felstead is so good at the advice malarky that she has her own column in the Daily Mail. 

Does Binky have siblings?


Binky has an older sister Anna-Louise who is a New York based artist. You may remember she appeared on Made in Chelsea NYC and she was great. Binky has an older brother called Oliver who has yet to appear on the E4 show, but we wait in anticipation. 


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What does Binky do for a living?


Apart from entertain us most Monday evenings n E4 you mean? In 2011 she was working 9-5 Front of House for an investment company. but now she has her own clothing line , nail varnish line and was the face of Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer. She also has recently been signing up bff Olly Locke to dating sites and helped add clarity to that Boulle/Toff/Liv triangle. Did we mention she would make a great mate?


Does Binky have her own book?


She does indeed! Binks penned her own autobiography called ‘Being Binky: My Life in Chelsea’, which includes essential advice such as er... ‘Red Carpet Posing Tips’ because… yanno… we are always on that red carpet, with no clue which way to tilt our head… Oh how the other half live. 




What was her upbringing like?


Very nice actually. She has great tales to tell about her adventures in East Sussex, including pony clubs. ski holidays and food fights. Don’t for a second she is a spoilt though chaps. Binks poignantly said in an interview "I wanted to point out to the public that the perception of us all being posh brats is absolutely wrong. I've had a lovely upbringing, agreed, but I'm very grateful for everything I've had. I believe I'm a grounded person and enjoy working and making my own money. I can do what I want with it.’ So there you have it. 


Where does Binky like to hang out?


Anywhere in Chelsea daaahling (do you not watch the show??) Maggie's, The Box, 86 Restaurant & Bar are also her fave. 


Where does Binky get her jumpers from?


Binky is a firm believer 'that cashmere is best' when it comes to jumpers. But where she buys them? Good question. 

Is Binky a mum? Did she have the baby already?!  

Yesssss, indeed she is! Binky and JP have had a beautiful baby girl together which is all very exciting, isn't it! JP announced the news with a 'look at this close up shot of me holding my newborn baby' picture on Instagram on Monday 12th June, so we can assume that the baby was born sometime around then, right? 



A post shared by Josh Patterson (@joshuapatterson_jp) on Jun 12, 2017 at 12:53pm PDT


What's Binky's baby's name?

Binky and JP decided on India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson. Pretty bloody adorable isn't it? Also, Binky's middle name is Elizabeth too! Extra cute. The two of them officially announced the birth of their bouncing baby girl with an interview in OK magazine, with Binky sharing their super cute (shall we say cute one more time?) family cover shoot on Instagram. 



Soooo..... I'm beyond excited to show you our little girl!!!!! □□□ I had such a lovely time doing this shoot with my family. You can read our first full interview and see our exclusive pictures in @hellomaguk tomorrow ... Hope you enjoy! Xxx

A post shared by Binky Felstead (@binkyfelstead) on Jun 25, 2017 at 12:36pm PDT


So Binky and JP are still together?


It's no secret that they've had a bit of a bumpy ride in their on again, off again relationship. But they are so together and so in love and it' all nice and happy and exciting. They even went on a Babymoon, which is like a nice holiday before the baby comes and you spent the rest of eternity wallowing over nappies and who's turn it is to warm a bottle. Half a joke. 


Photo: Rex Features

What is the Born In Chelsea spin-off about?

Ah, you heard about that did ya? Well quite simply it's Made In Chelsea, but without the rest of the cast. It's all about Binky and JP learning to be parents and navigating their usual Chelsea lives with baby in tow. The trailer is out but the show isn't just yet. 



What about Binky and Julius?


They flirted on a camping trip thanks to Mr Ollie Locke's evil planning. However, be rest assured they are not dating* Since, Julius went on a date with Stephanie Pratt who thought he was older than 23, because he's oh so tall. Steph told Julius she wasn't ready for date number two after his age was revealed. Ouch. Though, being catfished happens to the best of us. 

*It's Made in Chelsea so they migh very well  be before the season ends. 


Are Binky and Ollie secretly dating?


That would be a storyline and a half! Olly Locke has recently announced he is more into men than women and had his heart tragically broken by Yacine and a too-long plane journey.


Where does Binky Felstead live?


It's not really our business, but we can only assume Chelsea daahling. 


Are Binky’s eyelashes real?


Binky is a huge fan of Eyelure's False lashes which are just over a fiver from Boots. 


What makeup does she use?


Binky uses Mac's Face and Body Foundation and their cover up concealer for her base. To add warmth to her skin, Binky uses Benefit Hoola bronzing powder.  Binky's fave MAC lippy is Myth, which is a very nice pinky nude shade.   


Photo: Press

Does Binky have Snapchat?


She definitely does, as she tweeted this...


Binky Felstead Snapchat


So elusive! You can follow the rest of the Made in Chelsea cast on Snapchat here



Does Binky have Twitter?

Yes it's @binkyfelstead. She mainly tweets about her Instyle clothing range, but recently told us that she fancies Tom from Celebrity First Dates. 

Binky Felstead Tom from First Dates

If Binky could be one of her co-stars for the day, who would she be?


You would think Jess Woodley or Toff, but reader you are wrong. So wrong. Binky revealed the person she would most like to be is….. Jamie bluddy Laing. Yep. Binky says she would quite like to be a boy for the day and she says Jamie gets a lot of female attention, is funny and everyone seems to love him. So now you know!

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What is Binky’s favourite biscuit?


If we are not allowing Jaffa cakes (no we bloody well are not) then Binky would settle for a Hobnob. We hope she means the Hobnobs with layer of dark chocolate on the bottom. 


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