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Beyonce Knowles Might Have A Secret Snapchat. No Really Though

Beyonce Knowles Might Have A Secret Snapchat. No Really Though

The Debrief: Oh hey Queen B. welcome to Snapchat

Miss Beyoncé Knowles might have a secret Snapchat. No we’ve not spent our entire weekend randomly searching for alternative Snapchat names Bey might have coined to keep her snaps private. Instead her mum went and outted her on Instagram. 

Tina Knowles Lawson (B’s mum) posted a video to her Instagram that Beyoncé  had sent her. In this video Beyoncé  did a face swap with her mums face while singing Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. 

The video, which has so far received a massive 1, 928 comments (which i’m sure is growing by the second) obviously had a lot of hype surrounding it. With fans excitedly commenting about how Beyoncé  must have a secret Snapchat account.

Maybe she posts cute videos of Blue Ivy and just sends them to her mum and Solange? Or maybe she doesn’t have snapchat and just borrowed Jay-Z’s. Either way, if she does have one, we’re sure someone will discover it sooner or later *starts randomly searching possible usernames.* 

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