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So The Baftas 2015 Have Happened, And Twitter Spent Most Of The Night Perving Over The Men On The Red Carpet

The Debrief: A sign that we're over the red carpet frock parade? Or maybe there were just loads of fit guys out tonight...

We already knew that the Baftas were going to be all about the best male actor category this year – who was going to win, Eddie or Benedict? Harrow or Eton? (Spoiler alert: it was Eddie Redmayne for The Theory Of Everything, - Benedict Cumberbatch, and The Imitation Game were thoroughly snubbed and didn’t win a thing). 


And maybe we’re getting bored of another round of red-carpet pictures of actresses in nice dresses, or maybe there were just loads of fit men out tonight. But for whatever reason, Twitter spent most of the evening going ‘PHWOAR, I would. Check out the cufflinks on that,’ at the various male stars who walked the red carpet. 

One man we spoke to was David Beckham who really liked Paddington and The Lego Movie and just generally thought everything was 'incredible'.



Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne each broke a million hearts when they were photographed looking lovingly at their respective wife and fiancée. Well, it looks loving to the casual observer, but it could just be their secret married person’s eye signal for ‘this is total shit, can we go inside now and check out all the canapés?’

And they weren’t the only ones getting the shameless objectification treatment…  

…and the official BAFTA Instagram account sent us into overdrive, getting actors to kiss for the camera. Steve Carrell, Henry Cavill and James McAvoy all obliged (although to be fair, so did an equally fit Natalie Dormer). 

In other BAFTAs news, David Beckham presented an award proving he wasn’t just there in an ornamental capacity (although the number of times the camera cut to his handsome, handsome face through the evening would say otherwise), Stephen Hawkins presented an award alongside Felicity Jones, and Patricia Arquette spoke about how hard it is to find roles as an older actress after winning Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood. 

Speaking as she collected her award, she said: 'men don’t want to be cast with women who are their real age. I find it funny – sometimes you’ll have someone like Harrison Ford in a movie and the woman opposite him isn’t a few years younger than him, she’ll be 20 years younger. And that’s the ridiculous thing. We need to call bullshit on that.'


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