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Azealia Banks Goes On Twitter Rant At Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus And Taylor Swift

Azealia Banks Describes Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus And Taylor Swift As 'BASIC, BASIC, BASIC'

The Debrief: Azealia Banks airs her thoughts on Twitter after the VMA spat

She’s known for being one of the most free-speaking people in the music industry, and this time rapper Azealia Banks has gone after Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in an early morning rant about how ‘basic’ they all are, following the recent VMA beef.

In case you missed it: Nicki settled her issues with Taylor (she’d been upset about her lack of nomination, and called out the industry for white bias, which Taylor then made all about her rather than the music business), but then exacerbated her problems with Miley by calling out comments the singer had made about her in a recent interview. 

Azealia was performing in Reading at the time, but woke up the next day and took to Twitter (she bloody loves a Twitter rant) to say: ‘It’s so funny to wake up and see nicki and Miley or nicki and taylor fighting when you ALL make basic ass music,’ she wrote. ‘ITS A CONTEST OF THE BASICS...BASIC BASIC BASIC’. 

Don’t hold back, love. The rapper also went on to air her views on Miley Cyrus specifically, in case anyone wondered what she thought of her: 

And then rounding the whole thing off with a succinct summary, so nobody could ever be forgiven for misinterpreting her comments:

Say what you like, the rapper knows how to market her music. And while we love her for speaking her mind, is it really OK to lay into other people quite so hard? Can’t they all just get along and make music and go to awards without beefing all over the place and calling everyone basic?! Good lord.

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