Jennifer Lynn | Contributing Writer | Friday, 23 December 2016

Avril Lavigne Clearly Doesn’t Get The Nickelback Joke

Avril Lavigne Clearly Doesn’t Get The Nickelback Joke

The Debrief: Chill out, whatcha yellin' for, Avril?

This morning, when you woke up and saw Avril Lavigne was trending on Twitter, did you think that time travel had finally happened and you were back in 2003? Us too, but then we realised Twitter isn’t that old, and it’s actually because Avril’s had a little sense of humour bypass.

We all know the joke about Nickelback being a bit shit, don’t we? There have been whole articles written on how the band have turned into a meme, despite their success, and how it’s kind of their success that allows us to have a laugh at their expense – because it’s not really at their expense at all. However, Avril – who was previously married to lead signer Chad Kroeger – does not appear to like these memes. Or, at least, she doesn’t like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg adding his own take on them.

Last week Zuck released a video demonstrating digital butler Jarvis, in which he asked the AI assistant to play 'some good Nickelback songs.' Jarvis cleverly responded, 'I'm sorry, Mark. I'm afraid I can't do that. There are no good Nickelback songs.' Lols, right? 

Then last night Avril tweeted a message to Mark, asking him to 'consider being more responsible with promoting bullying, especially given what's going on in the world today.' Avril, babes, maybe you should take your own advice? We're pretty sure Nickelback can take the joke. They didn't even RT Avril or anything. Burrrrn.  

Ah well. Nice of her to still do two kisses.

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