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Are These The Lyrics For Out Of The Woods, The Harry Styles-Inspired Taylor Swift Song?

The Debrief: Taylor Swift's upcoming album 1989 features songs that she's all but confirmed are about Harry Styles. The first one is a single, and drops next week...

So Taylor Swift has dropped some serious hints that she’ll be releasing a song next week that’s apparently inspired by her fleeting relationship with One Direction man-bun enthusiast Harry Styles. It’s one of many on her upcoming album 1989, one of which is even called Style.

Anyway, it’s been revealed that the song coming out next week, called Out Of The Woods, involves a quick trip to the emergency room with an ex, and the lyrics: ‘Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/ Twenty stitches in a hospital room’. We take a look at what else will probably crop up. Aside from a catchy hook and an earworm-worthy melody. 

A reference to ‘strength’, ‘stronger’ or the word ‘strong’

Because that’s the rule for break-up songs. If you’re going to release something about an ex who hurt you, of course you have to mention the fact that you’re way better now and it’s totally helped you as a person. Which leads nicely to... 

‘I want to thank you’

Taylor Swift isn’t a whiner. She feels pain, she gets sad (Red), she gets angry (that time at the VMAs when she won an award and dedicated it to him. And that time at the Grammy’s when she did the talky bit in Trouble and it was totally also about him) – and then she deals with her sadness and anger to become a better person. She’s not upset, she’s stronger (see above) so she wants to thank him for the painful, yet ultimately rewarding experience. 

‘He was dressed in jeans’

Or something about his casualwear. Taylor likes to focus on the simple details (‘Photo album on the counter/ Your cheeks were turning red’ – All Too Well) and Harry always looks extremely casual. Plus, she’ll want to really ram the normcore thing home because hey, he’s just a boy to her. 

A heavily veiled Selena Gomez reference 

These bezzies have one thing in common: they’ve both fallen for ridiculously famous guys with a fanbase that nobody in their right mind would mess with. The difference is, Selena keeps going back, whereas Taylor has cut Harry out of her life (we presume, unless she’s being really bloody secretive about it) and is basically everyone’s dream BFF. Alright, ours. 

‘He was just a boy’


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‘You laughed and I smiled’

Just some basic verbs. Maybe something about them sitting together for a bit or holding each other or going for a walk. There could be some running, but not sure we want to go too deep into it. Think Begin Again: ‘Walked in expecting you’d be late/ But you got here early and you stand and wave/I walk to you/You pull my chair out and help me in’, etc. 

‘I was so confused’

Look, it was confusing! She thought it’d all be OK and then it went totally tits up. And not just tits up, he became one of the most famous faces on the planet and got linked to pretty much every female on the planet, while she has

‘It’s gone’

Taylor loves a fading image, like in I Was There (‘I know it’s long gone, and that magic’s not here no more’) when she’s singing her heart out, as all the images of that romance just fade away in front of her and now we’re crying again because it reminds us of that time we were dumped and we listened to Red on repeat for nine weeks. Anyway, we’re almost willing to bet money on the fact that the word ‘fade’ will appear in this song. It’s called Out Of The Woods, for God’s sake. 

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