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Are Cara And Beyoncé Recording Music Together? We Really Really Hope So

The Debrief: Both Cara and Beyoncé uploaded photos of their hands in the studio, now we're desperate to hear that handiwork

There’s been no secret of the fact that Cara Delevingne’s got more than one string to her bow, that’s why her popping up at a recording studio this weekend hasn’t got us too surprised. What has got us excited, though, is the fact Beyoncé was there too!

Cara uploaded to Instagram a photo of her right hand - all tattoos and purple nails - on a mixing desk. And Beyoncé did exactly the same image, except her hand wasn’t touching any of the switches just basically resting on the desk (we pay attention to detail).

This image didn’t only showcase a perfect red manicure and a big blingy gold ring on Bey's finger, but indicates to us that Bey and Cara are working together. Or are having the exact same day.

Comments from excited fans under Beyoncé’s account read along the lines of: ‘U better be making an album in one week and releasing it on a Wednesday cuz u be on stuff like that @beyonce bring us some good soulful singing’. Whereas Cara’s commenters, who are probs more likely to follow both her and Beyoncé, are commenting things like ‘Beyonce?’ and ‘Queen Bee and Princess Cara’.

Can Cara sing? Well, yeah! Check her out here a couple of years back:

Do we actually want to hear her collaboration with Beyoncé? You betcha!

While we’re on the topic of Cara, we might as well bring you the hot gossip about her right now, which is that at a BRIT awards after party, she snogged – then took home – St. Vincent.

St. Vincent, real name Annie Clark, was nominated, but missed out on a BRIT award in the Best International Female category. She did, however, win in the smooch-stakes as she was spotted with Cara at the Universal party. A source told The Sun on Sunday: ‘They made no effort to hide their affections.’

While both of their representatives have declined to comment, Annie did recently tell Rolling Stone when they quizzed her on her sexuality by asking if she was gay or straight (blunt!) ‘I don’t think about those words. I believe in gender fluidity and sexual fluidity. I don’t really identify as anything.’

Just FYI, if you want to hear St. Vincent and what she actually does, here’s some of it. We're big fans. And so it seems is Cara.

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