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Amber Rose’s Walk Of Shame Explained By Our Favourite Prison Officer

Amber Rose’s Walk Of Shame Explained By Our Favourite Prison Officer

The Debrief: Orange is the New Black’s Matt McGorry, who plays Officer Bennett, is in this lolsy celebration of female sexuality…

Ever done a walk of shame and wondered why you’re meant to feel ashamed at all? Or ever done a walk of shame and felt cripplingly ashamed? Or do you still judge women you see strolling home in last night’s outfit? This Funny Or Die video’s for you.

Featuring Amber Rose (Wikipedia says she’s a hip hop model, hip hop artist, fashion designer and actress just in case you thought she was famous for nothing beyond once dating Kanye West), it shows a (dream) world where Amber, freshly woken up from a night out at a guy’s, does the walk of no shame.

Check it out here:

If you can’t watch it right now, it features Amber in a short leather mini-skirt and low-cut top leaving a guy’s house and walking through suburbia while the milkman, old people, children and builders alike congratulate her on the choices she has made instead of scowling at her or simply harassing her e.g. ‘I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night, I think we can all agree, having sex is fun!’

It’s had some debate online, with one poster on our Facebook page so kindly put it ‘Not funny, or clever; just very sad that girls are being used as vessels for sperm. Nothing good will ever come out of not treating yourself with dignity.’

But Matt McGorry, who plays the guy whose house Amber is leaving, and runs up to her at the end to say she forgot to give her number, has a ready-made response to that sort of shaming. The Orange Is The New Black star, who spends his downtime being pretty right-on about feminism, posted on Facebook this comment:

This video is a bit silly and camp but at its heart is a strong message; women should be allowed to enjoy sex just as men and we should respect women for the choices they make. Oh, and Matt McGorry is awesome.

Same goes for Amber, who is currently campaigning for women’s rights in the form of holding a slutwalk to spread the message that women shouldn’t be shamed for their choices.

At the recent VMA’s, she wore a jumpsuit emblazoned with words like ‘slut’ and ‘ho’. Because there’s something pretty powerful about taking the word people use to insult you, taking the sting out and saying there’s no shame in it.

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